DEMONS- 18 Year Old Hearts


Here is a song from our upcoming album that we recorded with our good friend Misc(e)lenius, aka Elena Haliczer. The album is called It’s Golden Now and it should be out in the next month.

DEMONS(f/ Misc(e)lenius)- 18 Year Old Hearts



This track was put together with some guitar parts from three different songs off the album Eat a Peach by the Allman Brothers Band, and some vocals by Aretha.

DEMONS- Your Shadow Here (featuring Paul Nixon)


This is a cover of a song originally written by the one and only Mark Nichols, a.k.a. Handmedown Satellites. The original song appeared on a compilation put out by Scratch and Sniff Records called Circus.
Dekalb Fucking City represent.
A big thanks to Paul Nixon for providing the vocals.

DEMONS- Your Shadow Here
vocals by Paul Nixon

This Old Lens (featuring Joshua Dumas)


A little while back, we gave our friend Josh some music we came up with in hopes that he would write some words and provide vocals for the song. A few weeks later, the lyrics were written and Josh was in our studio laying down the vocals. An hour later, we had ourselves a new song:

DEMONS- This Old Lens
lyrics and vocals by Joshua Dumas



I think we’re just about out of physical tapes now, so I’m gonna throw up the mp3s for “Beheading.”

I know a lot of you looked at me and said, “Oh, a tape … great.” That and the cover art definitely conspired to make us look like a metal band with this release. But it’s not metal. You know you’re gonna like it.




DOWNLOAD — - Beheading

I put it up with each side as one track. Each side is only six minutes and consists of six “beats” from Paul on side A and five “compositions” from Sam on side B. If we were a Portland band from 2003, it would have been called “Demons Break Up.” And then there would have been rumors all over some specific message boards about whether just the band had broken up or if it was more than that and whisper whisper whisper.

But Demons has not broken up. You know what? We just got our new self-titled EP in and are passing out copies. Send us and e-mail if you want one. We’re around with copies too — and this one is on a much more convenient CD format. I’ll put that one up too once the 100 physical copies are gone.

Let me know if you got something against Mediafire and I’ll try to get the mp3s up on our server.

Cha-cha-chang chang


Here’s a “custom” ringtone I made for Ryan. You’ll probably recognize what it’s from.


Will this tide you over until we finish the labels for the new tape? New EP goes out to press this week. Soon soon soon.

In the meantime, check out Joe Robinson’s new blog, Ham Kicker. Personally, I’m really enjoying “Your Crowded Ear.” Joe’s done a bunch of songs with us (like “Big Black Car“).  Who knows we may even put his name in the liner notes even though he’s not technically on the album cause of how he handled that drunk who wanted to try his bike.

Demons - I’m Your Friend

TR 909 comp

Thanks all who came out to our show last night with the Blue Ribbon Glee Club at the Empty Bottle. What’s the pay off? Here’s a track we did for Cesspool Projects compilation. The idea was all tracks use the Roland 909 drum machine. We’ve got it in there — deep. One of our few songs that doesn’t use any samples.

I’m Your Friend — straight download / mediafire