Beheading’s ready


Little 12-minute tape “Beheading” put out by Green Tape is finally done.

We’ve got 25 copies — actually fewer now. There’s probably less than 20 tapes left, so catch up with us and we’ll give you one. Or send us an e-mail and we’ll put one aside for you.

Short and sweet, six minutes per side. All Paul on A, all Sam on B. Here’s a little sample of the tape:

Side A

Side B

There’s a lot more — we really crammed that 12 minutes full of new beats. Let us know if you want one, and maybe we’ll try to put some of it up here when we run out of tapes.

New Releases Soon


Start digging out your old tape deck now ’cause the new Demons mix tape is coming out soon. Some finishing touches and “Beheading” will be ready to go into your hands and into your head and I’ll be over later to make sure it’s still in there. Thanks to Zach and Green Tape in Rockford, Ill., for helping us put this together.

Just got the sample from the first round of mastered remixes for Matt Ulery’s Loom’s new 10-inch. Sounds damn good. The record will be coming out on Whistler Records pretty soon here. I can guarantee Loom’s song is 100% quality. Remixes from Demons and The Hood Internet will be a free download when you buy the record.

And you know there’s a new EP coming out soon too, right?

Get ready.