I think we’re just about out of physical tapes now, so I’m gonna throw up the mp3s for “Beheading.”

I know a lot of you looked at me and said, “Oh, a tape … great.” That and the cover art definitely conspired to make us look like a metal band with this release. But it’s not metal. You know you’re gonna like it.




DOWNLOAD — - Beheading

I put it up with each side as one track. Each side is only six minutes and consists of six “beats” from Paul on side A and five “compositions” from Sam on side B. If we were a Portland band from 2003, it would have been called “Demons Break Up.” And then there would have been rumors all over some specific message boards about whether just the band had broken up or if it was more than that and whisper whisper whisper.

But Demons has not broken up. You know what? We just got our new self-titled EP in and are passing out copies. Send us and e-mail if you want one. We’re around with copies too — and this one is on a much more convenient CD format. I’ll put that one up too once the 100 physical copies are gone.

Let me know if you got something against Mediafire and I’ll try to get the mp3s up on our server.

Beheading’s ready


Little 12-minute tape “Beheading” put out by Green Tape is finally done.

We’ve got 25 copies — actually fewer now. There’s probably less than 20 tapes left, so catch up with us and we’ll give you one. Or send us an e-mail and we’ll put one aside for you.

Short and sweet, six minutes per side. All Paul on A, all Sam on B. Here’s a little sample of the tape:

Side A

Side B

There’s a lot more — we really crammed that 12 minutes full of new beats. Let us know if you want one, and maybe we’ll try to put some of it up here when we run out of tapes.