Beheading’s ready


Little 12-minute tape “Beheading” put out by Green Tape is finally done.

We’ve got 25 copies — actually fewer now. There’s probably less than 20 tapes left, so catch up with us and we’ll give you one. Or send us an e-mail and we’ll put one aside for you.

Short and sweet, six minutes per side. All Paul on A, all Sam on B. Here’s a little sample of the tape:

Side A

Side B

There’s a lot more — we really crammed that 12 minutes full of new beats. Let us know if you want one, and maybe we’ll try to put some of it up here when we run out of tapes.

DEMONS- You’ll Lose a Good Thing


This song was recorded over the past few months. Thanks to all who came over and helped out.

Natalie Jose - vocals
Paul Nixon - saxophone
Robert Wodzinski - rhythm guitar
Nick Sherman - drums


DEMONS- Real Thing(remix)


Last year, we did a remix of Erykah Badu’s “Real Thing”

Here is the original version: Real Thing(produced by Madlib)
and here is our version: Real Thing(produced by Demons)

DEMONS- Salted Fries


This track was built entirely(except for the drums) using a few parts we sampled from the song “Salt the Skies” by Tortoise.
here are the original samples
we chopped up the samples, turned the pitch down two steps, and rearranged them.
and here is what we ended up with:

Listen/Download: Salted Fries

DEMONS- Big Black Car (f/ Joe Robinson)


listen: HERE
download: HERE

We have been working on this recording for the past few months.
It is originally by Big Star, off the album Third/Sister Lovers.
Hope you enjoy.

Joe Robinson-> vocals, slide whistle
Natural Kundanis-Grow-> fender rhodes, bass, clean guitar, background vocals

Love Ain’t Nothing (f/ elena haliczer)


listen: Love Ain’t Nothing
download: Love Ain’t Nothing

This song was constructed through e-mails. Elena wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals at her apartment in Queens. Then, she e-mailed them to us Demons. We recorded and assembled the music to her vocals at our studio in Chicago.

Vocals by Elena Haliczer
Bass parts are sampled from Resolution by John Coltrane and from Cachaca by Medeski Martin and Wood.
Horns are sampled from You Drove a Truck by Little Headhunter.
Guitar/Piano hits are sampled from Till Then by the Mills Brothers

عائلة بندلي


New track constructed around the guitar intro and vocals from the Kuwaiti band the Bendaly Family’s “Do You Love Me?” Check out the original song.


Download: HERE

Put Your Hands Together


This song is built around a horn part from Charles Mingus’ “Moanin”.
And a sample from the Sam and Dave song “I Thank You” for the vocals.

Put Your Hands Together

Download: HERE



This our track that appeared on the Roland TR-808 Operation Demonstration compilation that came out last year on Cesspool Projects.

DEMONS - Pyramids

thanks to Elliott Porter for putting out this comp
download our song: HERE

This Must Be the Place(Naive Melody) (f/ elizabeth hill)


This Talking Heads cover will be on our new EP , which will be finished soon. Hooray.

DEMONS- This Must be the Place(Naive Melody)

Elizabeth Hill
on vocals
Ben Grigg on trumpets
Joe Robinson on guitar
John Coltrane on saxophone
produced by DEMONS

Download: HERE