Siegler (re-enacted)

Missed the show June 19? Can I blame you? Should I blame you? Nah.

It was fun. The kind of fun where art school dropouts drink all your beer while you’re playing and then can only think to ask you if you “like art” after the set. For the record, I like art. That’s the fun of shows though, right? I’m not harping, it was really fun and funny. Especially when the viking passed out and that weird Italian guy started getting really excited about muzik.

So, I figure whatever I did that night was probably seeping out of my brain, so I recorded it this weekend. My rough approximation of what I played that night can be listened to here.

It’s not like anything we usually do and may ever do again — and it moves real slow over about 18 minutes. But if for some reason you’re really curious what Demons would sound like if Paul sat out and we used more than a computer, have a listen. Be forewarned, it’s an extremely half-assed, first-take-is-the-best-take recording.

Show on Saturday


Have you gotten the new EP yet? I told you the new EPs are here, right? There’s a whole box of ‘em.

Come and get it: We’re playing on Saturday, June 19, at the Siegler Gallery in Humboldt Park. [facebook]

The gallery stuff starts at 5 p.m. From what I know, bands start at 9 p.m.

The Gallery Stuff
• Elizabeth Hill
• Cory Norris
• Luke Snobeck
• Ryan Sullivan

The Music Stuff
meester magpie
• Digital Edge Tape
• Blood of Consolation
• Demons

Our first show was at Siegler Gallery and we’ll be doing something similar this time. If you didn’t see that show, it was a departure from our rigid song structures and more free flowing — and definitely more fun for an audience.

We’re gonna let loose and do another freewheeling set. New songs. But since we’ve got the EP, we’ll probably throw out some of those songs as well.

You know how us DeKalbers do it: the music will be better than you expected and you’ll run into a bunch of people who you didn’t realize knew each other.

Cha-cha-chang chang


Here’s a “custom” ringtone I made for Ryan. You’ll probably recognize what it’s from.


Will this tide you over until we finish the labels for the new tape? New EP goes out to press this week. Soon soon soon.

In the meantime, check out Joe Robinson’s new blog, Ham Kicker. Personally, I’m really enjoying “Your Crowded Ear.” Joe’s done a bunch of songs with us (like “Big Black Car“).  Who knows we may even put his name in the liner notes even though he’s not technically on the album cause of how he handled that drunk who wanted to try his bike.

New Releases Soon


Start digging out your old tape deck now ’cause the new Demons mix tape is coming out soon. Some finishing touches and “Beheading” will be ready to go into your hands and into your head and I’ll be over later to make sure it’s still in there. Thanks to Zach and Green Tape in Rockford, Ill., for helping us put this together.

Just got the sample from the first round of mastered remixes for Matt Ulery’s Loom’s new 10-inch. Sounds damn good. The record will be coming out on Whistler Records pretty soon here. I can guarantee Loom’s song is 100% quality. Remixes from Demons and The Hood Internet will be a free download when you buy the record.

And you know there’s a new EP coming out soon too, right?

Get ready.